[caption id="attachment_5126" align="aligncenter" width="347" caption="Shooting Star--a similar, smaller sculpture by John Henry"][/caption]

It's perfect outside but if you need another reason to visit Red Butte Garden: They recently installed a new sculpture by John Henry in conjunction with the Utah Museum of Fine Art (UMFA). It could quite possibly be the largest piece of contemporary art in Utah and it's a perfect fit for its locale, too. Named Le Mont Rouge (the red mountain-see?), the aluminum sculpture is rich crimson, which suits its University setting (Go Utes!). It's described as 'rectilinear' and 'Constructivist,' which befits Henry's trademark geometric style.

Red Butte Garden plans to expand its outdoor sculpture offerings, to make the area more of a one-stop cultural destination, and when the UMFA couldn't find a suitable spot for Le Mont Rouge on the U campus (it's 23-feet tall, after all), the two organizations decided that Red Butte would be the best place to display it. And so Le Mont Rouge is situated on the red mountain. Kismet.

(The sculpture will be on loan to and remain at Red Butte for five years.)

For more information, visit redbuttegarden.org or umfa.utah.edu.