A lot of studies have come out lately on the female opinion of guys with facial hair. According to one, women prefer sexy men with stubble. Another says most just like geeky guys who don't shave, which I know from experience isn't true. And the latest just reports 60 percent of women just want a man with well-groomed facial hair, which is perfect since about 60 percent of men worldwide sport hair on their face.

It's also important to mention these figures come from national and international studies. I'm sure the percentage in Utah is drastically different- given Utah men usually have a hard time growing any facial even without shaving for a month, and they'd probably get kicked out of the BYU cafeteria for trying.

The real truth, for some guys it works and for others it never will.


Never will:

Chops, beard, goatee, mustache or soul patch-wearers- keep it in shape. The WAHL 'Let it Grow' tour and 30-foot barbershop at the Utah State Fair from Sept. 10 to 12 can help. A dollar will be donated to Prostate Cancer Research for every guy who gets his facial hair trimmed at the fair.

Don't shave from now until the fair, and then make your way to the WAHL's set up for a trim. They'll talk sports and cars like the typical barber, but also give tips on how to keep your facial hair groomed. If you're not sure how to get started, watch this vid.

And remember, it is possible to over-groom:

Men who participate in the trim are automatically entered to win the WAHL Man of the Year photo contest- a national search for the man with the best beard, mustache and goatee in the country. Winners in each category get a 42-inch flat panel HDTV. Click here to register or vote.

The Utah State Fair is Sept. 9 to 19 at the Utah State Fairpark, 155 N. 1000 West.