End of summer signals fair season, a time of dubious but locally cherished merriment.

In Texas, where I come from, the big news this time of year is what they're going to fry this time. In the past, Twinkies, oreos, snickers bars and even Coke have all been battered and fried. This year, I hear iit's fried beer. Yes, you do need an ID to buy it.

The Utah State Fair is a week away It's not a huge event, and, I maintain, not a s culturally significant (after all, the corn(y) dog was invented at the State Fair of Texas) But both fairs, like all fairs are the culinary common denominators' time to revel.

And this year's ads for the Utah State Fair really ramp up the anticipation-so oddly edgy that-USA TOday picked the spots to feature in the PopCandy section. Take a look: Utah state fair ads. And more..