I'm a girly-girl by all means. Don't get me wrong, I love to get down and dirty outside, but at the end of the day pink polish and glitter really gets me going. I'm a self-proclaimed beauty-junkie, complete with beauty mag archived by my bed and make-up overflowing in my bathroom drawers. While I can't afford 90% of the products and salon featured in the magazine's ($400 haircuts? Thanks...but no), I can still get my pretty-on right here in SLC with these affordable services right here in our own big city.

Make a date with one or all five of these glamorous local salon/boutiques next time you want the touch-up without the price tag.

1. I'm Beautiful Salon

The name itself is just a hint to how you'll feel when leaving. The stylists at the 'beau-tique' and salon are a mixture of edgy and refined with a desire to make their clients feel and look their best. Each of the stylists has a different specialty, offering all sorts of do's and dye's; Shannon is rumored to be one of the best colorists in the city. You'll leave the salon educated on how to do your do, which products are essential and knowing the exact use of that strangely shaped brush( yes, the one with the dangerously sharp bristles).

400 South 625 East, (with 2 other locations in Lehi and Draper) 801-355-8488

2. Out to Nail Ya!

This tiny salon is a hidden gem in Murray, featuring top-notch pedicures and manicures. Char, the do-it-all owner/technician is a mani/pedi guru with 20+ years of experience under her perfectly polished fingers.

Manicures include more than just the basics, pampering patrons with almond sugar scrubs and hot wax dips. Pedicures are even more indulgent, featuring all the scrubs and rubs without the added charge.

Out 2 Nail Ya is also one of the few salons in SLC offering Shellac nails, a resin polish that doesn't chip or smudge. All the perks of acrylic nails without the price/commitment.

917 East Vine Street 801-652-1420

3. Got Beauty?

Yes, yes they do. Got Beauty, an eclectic boutique and full-service salon in Sugarhouse is the place to go for accessories, trinkets and touch-ups. Make sure you've got at least an hour to browse before stopping by though; you'll find yourself caught up in the plethora of quirky gifts and specialized beauty toys (think bedazzled flat irons and leopard print nail files). Stop in the next time you need a birthday gift or an appropriately inappropriate bachelorette gag.

Got Beauty is also your go-to for high-end beauty brands that you read about in InStyle but can't locate beyond a Beverly Hills Salon.

900 East 2100 South 801-474-2090

4. Shauna at Institute of Facial & Cosmetic Surgery

Even though it's billed as an institute for cosmetic surgery they offer much more. While the facials don't require you to go under the knife or inject any botox in brows, the results produce a similar, if not more radiant, effect. The one-hour facials from esthetician, Shauna, are personalized based on your skin type and blemish battles.

Try Shauna's micro-derm facial for a quick  skin clean-up to refresh your face after a long, dry summer.

Bonus: The treatments are unbelievably affordable and the institute is always offering specials and deals.

5929 Fashion Boulevard 801-261-3637

5. Splendor Beauty Emporium

In a world full of Sephora, Ulta and the like, Splendor is a refreshingly local take on big-name beauty. The itty, bitty boutique located in Foothill Village is a try-it-before-you-buy it girly mecca. Test the glitz and gloss before you buy to avoid those "looked good in the package but makes me look like a clown" sort of moments. The ladies of the salon are happy to help you chose a pretty palate and gives you tips on how to match your makeup just right.

1352 S. Foothill Drive 801-583-1555