Whilst in Provo Tuesday wrapping up some interviews for our Nov/Dec cover story (that's all the hints you get), I happened by the cleverly coined BYU Student Athlete Building (they don't leave much to the imagination) to pay homage to my five fave BYU products.

In ascending order of importance:

5) Ty Detmer and his Heisman. Peeps forget how dominant Detmer was his Jr. year (1990) at BYU, putting up video game numbers (passing for 5,188 yards and 41 touchdowns in 12 regular season games, finishing the year with 42 NCAA records - and tied for five others - many of which he still holds. That year BYU's upset no. 1 Miami 28-21; Detmer passed for 406 yards and 3 touchdowns). In '90-'91 my interest in football first started to pique and Detmer was a big part of that. Here's the Miami game:

And the 'Ty'sman:

4) Jim McMahon's jersey. Second-best QB to come out of Happy Valley. Best rapping QB - ever:

Wake 'em up:

3) The 'Big A' in Anaheim was the venue for my first-ever pro baseball experience. BYU alum Wally Joyner my first-ever autograph, and this, my first-ever program:

Couldn't help but think of Joyner's Slice commercial, before 'We've got the Juice' meant something else in baseball - simpler times:

2) The Cougar:

Sorry, meant, the cougar:

1) Homage to - Greatest. QB. Ever:

Need proof?