Editor's Note: Publisher Margaret Mary Shuff checks in on an SLmag hall-of-famer; and likes what she sees, hears ...and tastes:

I don't know what it is, the action, the crowd, the bustling waiters, the host always at attention?

...But Cucina Toscana makes me feel like I am in a very cosmopolitan city.

Avalone mushroms sliced razor thin over medallions of veal in a demiglace; steaming spaghetti with a  fresh pomodora tomato sauce over a bed of freshly grated parmesan; Caesar salad made from crunchy romaine and a dressing of virgin olive oil, anchovies, mustard, capers, lemon juice and fresh-quartered figs drizzled with sweetened balsamic.

Hungry yet?

This is just a teaser of the flavors to be found at Cucina Toscana.

Salads prepared tableside; huge casseroles of piping hot food dished out in front of salivating patrons; creamy hot chocolate made from 12 different varieties; biscotti on the side and homemade gelato to die for.

I can't stop talking about the food. It's seductive and exciting to dine in a place where the customer is king and the the food is fit for one.