Jordan Commons held a party and pre-screening of Vampires Suck last night, and fans Ashley and Caitlin went because they are "NOT" fans of Twilight.

"We like to make fun of Twilight, so this is a way to make fun of it," says Ashley. The girls showed up just in time for dunk tans, water balloon throws at Bella's head and a pin the shirt on Jacob game and Edward and Jacob impersonators. Fans also came with their best costumes of characters and vampires. U92 and Mix 107.9 kept the party rolling right before the screening with free concert tickets.

And despite the girls aversion to the franchise, Ashley said she prefers Edward over Caitlin's pick, Jacob.


I love spoof anything-plays, books, movies, but this one is not as accessible to all audiences as the Scary Movies, Naked Guns or even Space Balls.

First you have to see all three Twilight movies out right now, and second, you need to be up on current pop culture. Once you're there, the movie is hilarious and has the same feel as Twilight. aerial shots, shirtless werewolves, the teen angst i-pod mix.

Chock-full of pop references: Dear John, The Vampire Diaries, the Kardashians, Gossip Girl, Jersey Shore, Chris Brown, Jonas Brothers and American Idol. The movie has a target audience in mind. Anyone who enjoyed Twilight is going to love it, and teen vamp fans who prefer other series will nod their heads.

The story follows Becca (Jenn Proske), who falls in love with Edward Sullen (Matt Lanter) in the small vampire town of Sporks, Washington.

Proske's stuttering mockery of Kristen Stewart's natural social awkwardness is awesome. This is what really kept me laughing through most of the movie. Daro (Ken Jeong - doctor from Knocked Up) is the best part of the show. He really is the funniest vampire I remember seeing in a long time.

No wolves in the movie was a disappointment, and it really seemed like a lot (three movies worth of story) was packed into a short amount of time. Maybe it would have been better to spoof each Twilight movie individually, but that means they'd need the cash for it, too.

Good movie for its audience, maybe not for older generations if they're not into it. Now, if I just knew what the crap was with the cactus? You'll see.

Photos in this article provided by Jared Foley, Justin Claypool and Elise Phipps.