You can't really go wrong with this guy. He's handsome, talented, funny and his music is seriously good. And I mean good-as in well-written, rich with texture and a solid mixture of sounds.

Isaak first gained major fame in the late 80's with his hit, Wicked Game, and later, in 1995, his album Forever Blue (which was actually Isaak's fifth record) killed with seriously 13 perfect tracks. (Trust me. I played it over and over (and over) back in the day.)

Now it's 2010 of course, and Isaak still sounds good and his music is a pleasure to enjoy. A serious crowd packed last night's concert at Red Butte Garden, and everyone laughed, cheered and danced as Isaak moved from one well-rounded track to the next. Whether it was the slow, sweet guitar solo of We Lost Our Way (which nearly made me cry), the Cuban-rhythm inspired Take My Heart, or the slow dreamy waltz of Western Stars, Isaak sang them all with his full, clear voice. Sometimes he sounded a little Elvis-y, rockabilly and not like his Stockton, California roots. Other times Isaak was downright bluesy.

Whatever style he performed, Isaak had fun kidding around in his yellow suit-which he later swapped for his disco-ball version. I mean, his human disco-ball version of a suit. He was completely bedecked in reflective glass for his, ahem, sparkling finale.

In all, a fun enjoyable show. My one quip: The music was too loud and almost too much to bear without earplugs, which is ironic since the show was outside. They could have turned it down a smidge (or three).

PS: Rumor has it that Isaak is in the running for an American Idol judge spot. Personally, I think he'd be an excellent choice for the job. He's a genuine American idol himself.