I've been boycotting the Downtown Farmers Market all summer. I'm all for buying local and supporting the local biz. but I'm not all for crowds, screaming kids, and pushy people. I decided half-way into the market season sometime near noon the market wouldn't be too bad, and in a desperate search for okra, I made my way downtown.

Pleasantly surprised, the crowd had dwindled by the time I got there and the crying babies were fast asleep. (I love your children, really, but crying babies make ultra anxious.) Here's a little glimpse of what was seen in SLC on Saturday morning.

Starting the morning (er, afternoon) off with a bit of 'brunch'. There's fruit in there, which obviously makes it healthy, right?

The dogs ran the show this weekend at the market. Pretty sure this guy was using that little ball of fuzz as a chick magnet...

....and pretty sure this dog could have eaten the other one. 'Preston' weighed in at 130 lbs, at 10 months old.

And this dog chose to ride instead of walk. Smart move.

Keeping it healthy with a lil' more fruit. Antioxidants, yes?

What's a farmers market without a dancing yeti?

Famished from shopping, I obviously needed some sugar to keep me going. Oh, and look! More fruit! Jenny Craig would be so proud.

AND....Carlucci's is still showing some SLMag Love, six years later, with what might have been our best cover yet.

One more dog for the blog.