One of the biggest complaints we get about the real estate blog is, well, none of it is affordable in real life.

Sure, it's nice to look at this $19 million Deer Valley monstrosity and imagine a man knocks on your door one day to tell you that Dick Cheney, having to pay off outstanding student loans at Wyoming, donated to a sperm bank and wamm-o, next thing you know you're on the Jackson Back 40 riding a horse called Ol' Paint listening to "Dad" regale you with stories about starting voluntary wars and, here, indeed is your share of Halliburton stock options.

But for the rest of us, $19 million is as untenable right now as $900k, or even $90k.

And that antiquated notion of home ownership is nothing more than a relic from the generation who left us with a $13 trillion debt, gadgets whose lifespans are two years (max) and Microsoft Windows - until perhaps now.

Take a gander at this 8-minute video on how to build, (yes, own) and live in a tiny house. Three-hundred square feet = an $8/month electricity bill, no maintenance and, when it comes time to remove the shingle and head for greener pastures, it fits on a trailer. ...So like, no HOA dues either:

'Course, this notion may ring less true in the land of four-plus children, but the lesson is clear: We can all do more with a little less.

(Tiny house - houses under 1k square feet - Courtesy: Dwell)