My house gets kind of creepy when a concert is at USANA, which is only a mile and a half away. The music reaches my doorstep and sounds like a whisper... gives me chills.

Last night Rush played. Whisper "Philosophers and ploughmen, each must know his part. To sow a new mentality. Closer to the heart." Scary, no... just me? While Geddy's faded voice sends chills down my spine, I know for a fact I'd take my digs over these scary places on the market.

First, former home to 70s serial killer Ted Bundy. 1058 S. West Temple, SLC

The cozy house offers two bedrooms, one bathroom, 1,396 square feet and was built in 1940, according to If Trax were built back then, Bundy could have been to the U's law school in a flash. Sweet digs for students attending the LDS Business College, Eagle Gate College or the Utah College of Massage Therapy, too.

The home is just down the street from Spring Mobile Ballpark, and you can just walk to Downtown. It's right there!

You won't have to start a new mortgage. The house is for rent, stop by for the amount. Drove by last night, pretty cute considering one of the country's most notorious killer/rapist lived there.

Second, the Amnityville Horror House is for sale. 108 Ocean Avenue, Amnityville, NY UPDATE: THIS HOME WAS JUST SOLD

We know it's out of town and just went off the market, but it might go on sale again given its supposed history- expertly depicted by James Brolin and later Ryan Reynolds.

Nice community and a great retirement home for a nice Utah County couple. The five bed, 3.5 bath home spent only 70 days on the market- others nearby have been on sale for more than a year, according to Newsday. It's been fixed up since supernatural forces caused Ronald DeFeo Jr. to murder his family... Did we mention the sprinkler system and spacious patio? You can serve lemonaide out there.