Talk about a blast from the past: Rush played USANA Amphitheatre last night and it got me waxing nostalgic. I've never been a big Rush fan--I liked Tom Sawyer back in the day, but never got to know much more of their stuff than that. Rush will always stand out for me, though, because theirs was the first concert I ever saw.

My mom took my friends and me for my 11th birthday (I was still ten at the time). Providence Civic Center, soooo many years ago.

It was a big moment--the loud, crashing music you could feel in your legs and chest, the psychedelic flashing lights, the badness of it all... I was forever changed and from then on became addicted to live music. Lionel Richie, U2, The Rolling Stones, UB40, a-ha, John Cougar Mellencamp, James Taylor, Bon Jovi, oh my, even Cinderella and Tesla! When I was younger, I pretty much caught it all.

Now, of course, I'm older and somehow by some cool journalistic twist of fate, back on the concert scene, taking it all in. Between my former lifestyle (I used to travel a lot as a member of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team) and other life/job stuff, I just hadn't been able to see as many shows as before. Until lately, really. And I'm loving it!

This weekend I'll be at Allen Toussaint (Sunday), Monday--the Punch Brothers, Tuesday? How's this for a throwback: The English Beat. The list goes on for next week (and be sure to check back for reviews, exclusive artist interviews and other news).

In the meantime, tell me in the comments section: What was your first show?