Ski Utah has some pretty sweet deals, among them the Silver Pass, which gives you 30 passes to each of Utah's 11 resorts.

They've never before given them away, preferring to sell them for $2,400 to people with deep pockets and apparently the ability to ski every day of the season. But they've got one with your name on it. The deal is you have to prove your worthiness by submitting a 30-second video explaining to the Ski Utah gang why you deserve the coveted pass and the title of Ultimate Powderhound.

The title comes complete with a job blogging weekly for the Ski Utah site. Which, hey, you might think is a good thing and jump at the chance, Ski for free all season, write about your days on the mountain.

Not a bad gig. I'm figuring the perfect candidate would be a be-dreadlocked trustfundafarian with a Flip video camera. People with mortgages, children, 401K plans and all the golden handcuffs endemic to real life need not apply. You know, someone who'll rock this sticker:

Youth is wasted on the young.

The deadline to get your reel together is Aug. 30. For more details, click HERE.