Around our house, there's a definite air of excitement this week.

Like, a kid might pick up the vibe and think Christmas is just around the corner. No. And we don't have any August birthdays, either. But we are on the countdown to my husband's favorite holiday of the year.

He calls it "International Throw Everything Away Day."

You may have already celebrated in your neighborhood, but they're just now getting around to the Marmalade gayborhood. On August 23, the city of Salt Lake will pick up virtually anything we want to throw away, one dump truck load per house.

You're allowed to start your pile of junk streetside 10 days before pickup, so Glen's already out there gathering all the detritus from his projects-aluminum scraps from work on the vintage trailer plus a giant galvanized tank (see above) that used to be the trailer's water source, broken lawn chairs and tables, bent screens, branches from the neighbor's tree that fell in our yard.

He's got his eye on some stuff of mine-a rock painted to look like my first cat, Bip; a birdcage I use as a table; an old screen bread door that I regard as art.

Truthfully, it is hard to tell the trash from the treasure at our house. Newness hurts my eyes and Glen's a secondhand man aesthetically-prefers used cars, buys his clothes at DI, adapts unused things into useful things. He's mildly famous in amateur astronomy circles for a telescope mount he invented using old aluminum crutches. (Seriously, it's been published.) He's the original sustainable man and he's always on the lookout for raw materials.

We tend to repaint, remake, use what's at hand. Which brings us to the really exciting part of International Throw Everything Away Day-the curbside shopping possibilities for decorating the house in ITEA style. Forget the big blue box store-ITEA is even cheaper, can be better looking in the eyes of some beholders and is totally sustainable.

By the way-never mind the galvanized water tank, in case you were planning to drive over and snag. We just dragged it back from the curb. It'll make a great planter. Can you picture it?