Something was in the air this weekend.

While traversing the Pinebrook trail system and dodging moose (What's the plural of moose? Meese? That's a joke though, right? It's moose. I think.) with Border collie Kip,

I stopped to take in the spread in front of me: Olympic Park o'er my shoulder, The Canyons in front of me and I-80 truck rumblings echoing off the aspens.

A pause, a slight breeze and a quick inhale of air tinny and cold.


(Beat. Take two. Inhale again).


That's fall I taste. See, look. FALL:

(Ugh!) And it's not just me.

Fast forward 17 hours and I'm at my desk, where it's always fall, and I see this little inbox gem:

Ski Utah will kick-off the official 100-day countdown to the ski season 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 7 at the Downtown Farmers Market and Art & Craft Market (Pioneer Park.)

They'll take dollar donations in exchange for flavorful yellow snow cones provided by Snowie to benefit Wasatch Backcountry Rescue avalanche dogs. Dogs will also be on hand to perform skills demonstrations and Utah ski resorts will hand out doggy bags full of swag and resort information.

...I mean, don't get me wrong - part of me is psyched for this:

and this:

And especially this:

(Deer Valley taken w/camera phone-I'm like Bob Ross w/an iPhone suckas!)

But I could still use a little more of this:

Suffice to say, as much love I have for SkiUtah, when it comes to shredding right now, I'm still a little on the fence (wow, sorry...)