Men in red are sexy, according to a series of studies by researchers at the University of Rochester and other institutions. Women were given pictures of a man with a digitally-altered shirt color and asked to rate him on attractiveness, willingness to date, kiss and get down and dirty.

In a release by Rochester lead author Andrew Elliott said the study found women view men in red as higher in status and more likely to climb the social ladder.

Upon hearing the news, SLmag tracked down the top five local red clothing items to help guys turn on their ladies. Since money is tight, we didn't go all high-end. Notice everything has just a touch of red instead of going too overboard - you don't want to go completely Kool-Aid Man. Keep it subtle.

Top 5 Local Red Clothing Items for Men

5. We listed D. Grant Ltd. in our Best of the Beehive issue for their ties. The business man can add a touch of red with brands like Canali. Sharp.

D. Grant LTD. 70 S. Rio Grande Street, SLC Click here for more info

4. An athletic man is almost as attractive as red-clothed one. Mix them together, and you'll need the Men's Asics Kayano 16 running shoes. Re-designed asymmetrical lacing system and shock-attenuating discrete heels at Salt Lake Running Company for $140.

Salt Lake Running Company 2454 S. 700 East, SLC Click here for more info

3. Another reason to be a Ute instead of a Cougar. This Champion Utah hoodie is a zip-up and also available in full red. Get it at the U's Bookstore for $54.99

University of Utah Campus Store 270 S. 1500 East, SLC Click here for more info

2. Locals really do have more fun, and this Park City company puts out products celebrating all the ways Utahns do- boarding, boating, climbing, etc. This one's in all organic cotton and cardinal red.

Locals Have More Fun Click here for more info

1. Skullcandy's 50/50 buds plug into your iPod Nano 5th Generation, pump the bass deeper and sound super rich. A discreet way to turn on the hottie hogging the gym's stair-master.

Skullcandy Click here for more info