For years, I've wanted to go on a ghost tour in Utah, but couldn't figure out how. Luckily for me, after years of tedious searching, I was asked to blog about auditions at Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours. I'm excited, because now I have their Web address. But it's also an opportunity for other ghost story lovers.

I don't have any ghost stories to share, but I'm sure people reading this do. And for you, I recommend becoming a Story-Guide at the Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours.

All you have to do is come prepared with a memorized spooky story (it can be personal), a head shot of yourself and resume -so easy even my brother could do it (bro, job opportunity coming your way). Don't worry, the story you tell is for audition purposes only. The ones you'll read when you're hired are about the Ogden and Salt Lake City historical sites on the tour-they'll tell you them later.



10 a.m.–1 p.m. Saturday, August 7th, 2010.


The Salt Lake City Library in Conference Room A, located at 210 E 400 South, Downtown S.L.C.

Auditions will be held in the order of arrival, so be either first, last or middle, and be memorable-as in tell a good story (I'm not sure walking in with a chicken costume or dressed as a werewolf would do you much good unless you have an incredible story).

And, if you're not interested, please tell somebody you know to audition. It's a cool opportunity to learn the local lore and it makes you look interesting.

For more information contact:

Kristen Clay at Story Tours 801-604-1218 or 801-529-4497

Good luck!