VERY psyched LCD Soundsystem/Hot Chip added a Utah date (Oct. 19 - straight after SF's Treasure Island but sans Sleigh Bells) to their current tour.

The darling of the '10 festival circuit and almost so-good-you-want-to-hate-them (blame hipsters) James Murphy (who is LCD), the now-it's-cool-to-be-a-40-year-old recently sold out Hollywood Palladium giving fans a 30-year crash course in dance, electronica and pop - garnished with '70s melody and more than a dash of Morrisey.

He hangs with Spike Jonze, makes music for Nike and even announced his retirement after three albums.

Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) is touring in support of album three, "This Is Happening,"And yes, his pep always comes with a heavy dose of dissonance and, well, perhaps most irony is lost as his songs have been embraced by the post-30 fratguy sect - unintentional anthems of America's new disenfranchised.

London-based Hot Chip may not have as much heat as Murphy, but frontman duo Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard (though all four members contribute lead vocals) pump life into their latest offering One Life Stand live - this album more Phil Spector (what is it with the wall of sound comeback these days?!) than Dave Gahan, featuring a '60s pop garnish indie radio hit "Thieves in the Night."

But it is Hot Chip's Pet Shop Boys for the new discriminating masses and fearlessly latter-day stage presence (dance for a minute dudes, we all are) of trading instruments DURING songs and onset use of unprocessed vocals and non-prefab beats, plus Maracas makes HC the one with longevity.