I know it's not even close to being Halloween, but I was uploading photos from my camping trip to Dry Bread Pond, just about an hour and a half northeast of SLC, when my friend pointed out a mysterious face in the campfire... I am f'n creeped out by it.

I examined and enlarged the photo, but couldn't figure out what it was. I bet we summoned something. My boyfriend (the skeptic) suggests there was probably a logical explanation, such as a beer can in a cup holder behind the flame -I'm pretty skeptical about that.

It's funny to think I would be scared of a stupid photo. I grew up with coffins, a hearse, tombstones and blood splattered costumes in my garage and scattered all over the house. I'm a lot like Claire from Six Feet Under - odd, eccentric, misunderstood - minus the real dead bodies in the basement. I say real, because we had fake ones.

Is it normal to clean out your closet and find a severed head behind your soccer jersey or wake up to one being dangled in your face?

That's been my life since I was born. I would be under-exaggerating if I said my family "love's" Halloween. We plan our Halloween haunted house yard set-up 365 days a year. Currently the living room houses wire angels -we got them at Christmas - in robes with icicles spray painted and made to look like angels of death.

So, I guess a face in a campfire shouldn't freak me out this bad.

My question to the reader: Do you see the face, too? Does it scare the crap out of you? Am I just totally nuts? Do you have scary face photos? - give us a link