Yes, this gentleman is helping to feed hungry children by stuffing his own face.

The ancient Hawaiians perfected a form of massage called lomi lomi in which the masseuse uses hands, elbows, knuckles and even stones along with special oils and prayers.

Lomi lomi helps you feel better in all kinds of ways, but was especially useful in aiding digestion.

I think that's obvious from this picture.

I'm going to need lomi lomi with some big rocks after the rest of this week-because my calendar is overstuffed with food events.

The biggie is Sunday's Taste of the Nation, one of the most successful food events ever conceived. Share Our Strength, SOS, an organization started by culinary professionals, is dedicated to wiping out childhood hunger and has had a remarkable effect in the 22 years since it was founded.

One in four children in the United States suffer from hunger-limited access to nutrious food. SOS holds a bunch of different fund-raising events through the year, but Taste of the Nation is the granddaddy.

Taste of the Nation events are held all across the country, from New York to LA, each event featuring great wineries, chefs who donate time and food and brought about by thousands of volunteers. Coolest: the money raised by these communities stays in the community, going to local food banks and relief efforts.

In Utah, 100 percent of money from ticket sales goes to the cause and 40 chefs from across the state gather at Solitude Mountain Resort participate. Obviously, you need to be there.

But first, my own personal gorge-out starts tonight with an open house at Pago-we'll be checking the new patio and new menu items at this CSR based restaurant with wild man Mike Richey in the kitchen.

And Saturday night, Taste of the Nation eve, is Metropolitan's annual Food & Wine Festival-from 5 to 7 pm, an elite group of winemakers including Danny Fetzer of Jeriko Estate, Suzy Selby of Selby Wines and Kristin Belair of Honig Wines and wines from Jeriko, Atrea, Saracina, Caymus, Honig, Magnificent Wine Company and Waterbrook Wines of Washington.

The cool thing about this event is how small it is-unlike those mass pour 'n' swill tastings, here you can actually converse about the wines. Metropolitan's chefs will provide food pairings, and for an upcharge ($50), you can stay for the family-style dinner after the walk-and-wine. $30 for food; $45 for wine. Call 801-364-3472 for reservations.

The second event is a terrific cause - Taste of the Nation / Share our Strength. All proceeds go directly to feed hungry Utah kids -- (last year more than $100,000 went directly to feed hungry kids in Utah). Dollars spent in Utah stay in Utah, helping those in need. The event takes place at the Solitude Resort on Sunday 8/1 /2010 from 12pm to 4 pm. See attached flyers for more details. This is a great way to indulge yourself, beat the heat and feel good about it!