Folks are fickle.

Give them music, and they complain about the noise.

Give them open space, and they complain about the bugs.

Give them beer tents and port-a-potties, and they complain about the lines.

Give them a free concert series, and they complain about its accessibility.

Such is the lot of Salt Lake City Arts Council's 2010 Concert Series - each lit with Obama-like sincerity - and one-night-stand no-strings-attached-ness ...and they'll still grumble.

Let the grumbling stop here.

Thursday's Beirut show - the band, founded by Zach Condon (who recorded in parents' basement Reznor-esque after a trip abroad), has morphed into a quartet of percussion, trumpet and accordian - was awash in grassy knolls from which to perch; more hipster/fixie combos than in a Portland square block; Chow Truck and Stoneground ...even a crepe maker at the ready; and yes, obligatory bro-brahs hanging on the hinterlands talking about the sweet sick scent of fall and onset ski season in the air.

It was, indeed - an evening fit for Salt Lake.

Some tasty photos should you deign to give the TS another shot Thursday (New Pornographers/The Dodos)

It's pretty here, no really:

Actual food. Actual lawn. Actual girl:

Milling around? When's the last time you had Twilight folks at arm's length? (rhetorical):