Hello Salt Lake,

My weekend included lots of travel, but the SLC highlight, of course, was my interview with the Neon Trees before their sold-out show at Velour, in Provo.

Look for Neon Trees stories in the November and March issues of Salt Lake Magazine (and online, too--hint: They'll be back in Utah next month). Until then, here are some deets:

*These folks are super duper cool. Tyler Glenn happily posed for photos (he is a rock star in every coolest sense), and the band sat chatting for a half hour in the sweltering heat, all so we could bring you their story.

*They LOVE Utah. None of them were originally Utahns (bassist Branden Campbell came to Provo via Las Vegas, drummer Elaine Bradley made her to way to BYU from Chicago, and band founders Glen and guitarist Chris Allen hail from Temecula, CA).

*All four love Provo and feel that the music scene is organic and about the 'art' of it more than the 'scene.'

*They are natural role models.

*They don't have much free time these days, but Campbell relishes the small things when he comes home (like his list of everyday chores) and Glenn sees movies. Allen likes watching Twilight Zone episodes on his computer. They're not club-scene folks.

*They're still excited about their dream coming true. Bradley got psyched when she heard their hit, "Animal" playing at a Chili's, and Glenn cried after a Milwaukee concert because the crowd's reaction to their music was so moving.

*I said they were super cool, right?

Stay tuned for more on the Neon Trees. They'll be playing in SLC at the Candlelight Serenade, August 21.