Rico Brand and My Dough Girl Launch "The Frida Cookie"

My favorite dessert at Frida Bistro is the cookie.

OK, I admit this picture doesn't make it look that appealing. (Thanks to gastronomicslc.com for the image, though.)

You'll just have to imagine the deep sweet bitterness of warm dark chocolate with an after-tingle of chile in the lava-like flow from the molten center cooled by a creamy scoop.

They call it the mole cookie-it's a chocolate-chile cookie with a molten chile d'arbol ganache center, topped with slow roasted cinnamon toasted pepita and it's served warm with ice cream.

It's made by the cookie monsters over at My Dough Girl, but you can only get one at Frida Bistro.


Starting Thursday, you can enjoy these at home, straight out of the oven, while you're watching Mad Men or Treme or whatever it is that glues you to the tube in that state where all you can do is bend your elbow to carry food and drink to your piehole.

A collaborative cookie between My Dough Girl and Rico Brand foods, The Frida Cookie dough will be for sale ONLY at Rico Market, the eastside store that used to be Rico's Foods, then became a coop, and will soon be Rico's Foods again if I'm understanding all my press materials correctly (779 S 500 East).

Note to Cheap Chick and others on a permanent budget or with an insatiable sweet tooth: If you go by Rico Market on Wednesday, July 28th, you can get a FREE Frida Cookie fresh out of the oven just for being a Facebook fan of Rico Brand and My Dough Girl.

(Promotion will last during open business hours or until cookies run out!)

When: 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. (or until cookies run out) Wednesday, July 28

Address: 779 South 500 East