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Ok Mary, if you don't make it out of town I hope you enjoy your Days of 47 pancake breakfast with the masses (which translates to communal butter and syrup sharing -- um, germy grossness anyone?)

And Jeremy, I'm sure you'll have fun shoulder to shoulder amongst men who shouldn't be in tank tops and jean shorts hoisting their sweaty kids on their shoulders so you can't possibly see the hundreds of hot, sad horses clomping on black top through the streets of SLC. Now that is surely a fine way to celebrate Utah's glory in true Pio fashion.

Well, have fun guys. Me? I'm getting out of the predicted-96-degree-SLC-sweat-fest and heading up for a weekend in the mountains. Camping you presume? NO THANK YOU to the mad-dash-to-beat-the-traffic-and-construction-laden-I-15 and thenno-showers-for-the-weekend. I'm going to enjoy my 3 day weekend in style and civility and at a total discount deal.

I'm Snowbird bound my friends.

Here's the deal.

Snowbird is offering a Deals of 47 package that includes room, fun at your lodge or inn's pool, full day Activities Pass (unlimited use of the alpine slide, tram, bungee tramp, mechanical bull, Peruvian Chair, the new static ropes course, climbing station, and zip rider) and the package includes a Days of 47 breakfast! All of this for just $65 per person (based on double occupancy.) Now if you want to bring the kid (like we are) 6 and under are free in the room and a special all day activity pass is just $19.

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We took our Smudge and the nieces up last weekend and the activities pass for each adult is $36 and $22 per kid. So you could figure you're staying at Snowbird for just $58 per night for two (and don't forget that free breakfast!)

I'll be upgrading to the Cliff Lodge so I can be one of those people out by the pool that everyone riding the Alpine Slide looks over at and says, "Ohhhh, that looks so refreshing. Why am I on this damn slide instead of lounging at the pool?"

[caption id="attachment_1631" align="aligncenter" width="457" caption="Upgrade to the bomb diggity pool of cool"][/caption]

And when the daytimer's bolt down the Canyon to once again be en masse blanket to blanket at Liberty Park's fireworks show (oops, don't mind that glob of oil there) I'll be enjoying the FREE Cool Air Concert Series with the band Fictionist and a cool glass of Sauvignon on the plaza. I might even be persuaded to buy a t-shirt. Take that tent campers!

Blue-eyed Universe from Fictionist on Vimeo.

Now if you don't want to go for the night but still have a hankering for a race down the alpine slide and a ride up the tram, here are some tips on how to score a deal on your all day activity pass:

1) Head to my home away from home: Costco. For just $89.99 you can get 4 adult all day activity passes. That comes out to $22 a head, essentially 2 of you go for free. A savings of: $56! **Bonus if you do the math: If you have just 2 adults and 2 kids or even 1 kid, Snowbird will downgrade two of the adult passes for the kids. You'll now be able to afford their $3 bottles of water.

2) Cruise into your local Holiday Oil where you can pick up $10 off the adult activity passes. Sorry, not valid in kids sizes. Still, you'll save $20 bones so you can get yourself a 12-er of Natty Light and some chips to help survive Liberty Park.

Catch you at the Bird.