So I've been frequenting City Greek Express lately. Here's are five reasons why you should too.

1.The 4-inch Gyros

OK here goes. I traveled around Greece way back when Clinton was in the White House (they liked him over there because he could play the saxaphone) and ate a lot of Greek street food because I was broke. What we'd call gyros here in the land of the free, home of the brave are actually gyros on steroids. In the motherland, souvlaki stands serve up warm, several-bite size rolls of yumminess. You order two or three instead of one gargantuan doner gut bomb like you find at most of the Greek fast food joints around here. At City Greek they're just the right size, you don't feel like you're swallowing a fist of meat. Yeah. I said it. Fist. Of. Meat. And they're made to order, fresh. Each little one. Bonus: They only cost $3.

2. The Salad.

The Greek salad at City Greek, is also only $3 and it is huge! It comes chock full of feta, cherry tomatoes, cukes, red onions and fresh greens with minimal ice berg filler. And this is the "side" salad.

3. One Side Salad and One 4-inch Chicken Gyro...

And you have yourself a tasty, nutritious lunch my friend. All for about $6.

4. It's a Cool Place to Hang Out.

The localy ownded joint, is a joint. People are hanging around, reading the paper, the Food Network is on the giant TV (on mute) they serve beer (for the night time) and you get to sit at this nice wood bar and chat with the guy cooking your food. It's, you know, the exact opposite of every fast food joint in town.

5. And Then There's This Wheel.

If you're a member of City Greek's loyalty club you get five percent off of every purchase. Really. And you get to spin the wheel on every visit. I won some free fries the other day (which kind of blew the healthy have-a-salad-and-a-small-chicken-gyro thing I'm going for. But hey! Free fries.

City Greek Express, 660 S. State Street SLC, 801-364-3140