Delilah Gervais Owner Splendor Beauty Emporium Redstone Center, Park City; 435-575-1800 Foothill Village, SLC; 801-583-1555

W hen it comes to beauty, knowledge is key. With all of the countless creams and cosmetics out there, how's a girl to choose? Fortunately there's Splendor Beauty Emporiums, a distinctive pair of neighborhood beauty boutiques independently owned by Delilah Gervais.

"Being an esthetician, I have always enjoyed making others feel good about themselves and wanted to provide a non-intimidating shopping experience," Gervais says.

Not only does Splendor deliver excellent customer-focused service (think expert skin care advice and professional makeup application) but they offer a remarkable selection of products-the same found in high-end department stores at easygoing prices.

"Over the years we have built strong relationships with our customers and provided hours of 'beauty therapy,' Gervais says. "We are blessed to have a loyal client base."

It is this dedication toward forming lasting relationships and honoring loyalty that separates Splendor from the less personalized chains and department stores.

"Customers like the intimate feel of our stores," Gervais says. "We remember their names, remember their needs and work hard with our vendors to provide a unique mix of products at competitive prices."