Gina DiSera owner bella Forte 1400 Foothill Drive, Suite 161, SLC 801-583-0997

Gina DiSera is serious about making her clients look good. The vivacious owner of this unique boutique in Foothill Village treats her customers like best friends and family. And she is always ready to welcome new wonderful women to the bella Forte clan.

"I always hear, 'I always wear the clothes I buy from you!' and 'I always meet the greatest women in your shop,'" DiSera says. "It's no lie. The greatest women come into bella Forte and coincidentally, they meet other equally great women here! It is to those women I owe gratitude for my doors still being open through this recession."

DiSera says she's worked hard to keep things rolling, but only succeeded through the grace of her loyal customers; she invites you to join her family of friends.

"Throughout the year, I deferred profits by sending customers various discount cards; providing the opportunity to pick up 'a new special something' here and there in spite of the turmoil going on in their worlds. I will never forget these women who have stood by me during this very tough time! To me, they are family!"

DiSera is certain that her unique ability to help her customers find that special and unique item for everyday or the most important occasions, sets her apart. That, and her passion for helping women be-as her store's Italian moniker indicates-beautiful and strong.

"Thank God I was born the daughter of Italian immigrants who stressed from birth the value of a good work ethic and determination. My personal training job has enabled me to empower people from the inside-out. I love to see my clients get stronger by solving physical challenges and feel more capable and confident. In the shop, I have the opportunity to empower women from the outside in-helping them find the styles that work best for their body type and which shades most complement their coloring. It is so gratifying to send a woman away with the 'perfect piece.'  My two careers fulfill my basic drive to help people feel happier and healthier!"