Ann Elizabeth Owner Ann Elizabeth Custom Graphic Design & Printing Studio 4970 S. 900 East, F-105, SLC 801-262-3605

A nn Elizabeth decided to keep a family tradition when she opened the Ann Elizabeth Custom Graphic Design & Printing Studio. "My father owns a graphic design and printing company so I've always felt comfortable around printing presses," she says.

Ann Elizabeth's studio delivers everything from letterhead, envelopes and business cards to more involved brochures and presentation packages. Aside from high-quality work, what sets the studio apart is the personal nature of the customer service.

"Every client knows me by name," Ann says. The studio also offers specially priced design work to suit every project. "Our side-by-side design program allows clients to pay for 30 minutes at a time-so they can pre-determine their budget," Ann says.

New innovations in the printing industry have helped put once-out-of-reach printing techniques and quality in the price range of the retail customer. "Digital printing is fast, efficient and great for low quantity projects," Ann says. "It has revolutionized the low -quantity print market.

When you work with Ann's team, you get a caring, local face and high-level of service. "Sure, you can order printing from the internet, but why would you when you can actually have a press shop that cares about you and your business?"