In our May-June issue we had this awesome article about the best hikes all around the state. In this article we talked about Mill Creek Fork, a hike in the Moab area which among other things features a lot of water rushing across slick rock, and we also said that amid all that water water, cliff-diving was a possibility.

But apparently the folks at the visitors center in the area strongly discourage this behavior and would really like us to tell you that young people have been paralyzed by landing bad on rocks.

And so we're passing that along.

Please don't jump off any cliffs or rocks into pools of water because we told you to.

But the thing is, it's our opinion that any activity in the desert, wilderness, forest, mountains, swamps and especially on public lands is an at-your-own-risk proposition.

So please don't jump off any cliffs because we told you to.

Do it because it was totally your idea and you fully acknowledge the inherent risk of jumping off of rocks into water.

PS: our production guy Damon says there are tarantulas behind the waterfall. You should probably know that too.