Six hundred miles from Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto and one food-court fueled layover in the B Gates at DIA away from the East Village, Park City's dining scene exists somewhere between garish mid-'00s trends-dead-like-interest-only loans, mountain town underground sensibility and turgid reflection of shimmering stars of the metros.

Parkites and the eateries we love have never been accused of having too much ambition - but, a new town ordinance which allows Main Street spots to stretch out over the sidewalk and onto the street during blizzardless eves, is now manifest.

Last week, a pair of Main Street 'dining decks' popped up ifo Stephen McComb's Cisero's and Bistro 412.

City Hall peeps said five more will be in the mix by July (Shabu, Red Banjo plus three).

And, well - it works.

PC's Main Street al fresco dining is convivial and straight-up nice (yep, cue run-on - skip next two graphs to the pix if you have ADD).

The dining experience at Cisero's - the spot chosen (because of said 'deck dining' and her fond memories of dancefloor ownership during the '02 Games) for Emma's recent pre-birthday/birthday prior to her mid-summer race rest-of-June sojourn to the South and East - is most readily classified as modish bar-Italian food.

Yet, a little sweetness and light and gentle nudge from Main Street breeze, the diesel prattle of the Main Street Trolley and a guttural groan of the 20-something's $260k red 2009 Ferrari California (daddy's whip?) parked across the street sort of made the veneer of the Park City summer dining experience seem localish.

Gnocchi and Eggplant parm, never mistaken for dishes ethereal, imbued with overheard pleasantries of neighbors' conversations and the simple truth of green hills and single-layers surrounds took the eve to better-than-just-OK levels.

Thanks summer.

Now, the pix:

Street food a la PC

Utah plates even.

Pensive, or pleasant? BOTH.